Thursday, February 9, 2012

Make Cute Pen Holders in 5 minutes!

After making the cute hair accessory holder the other day, I realized that I needed to start taking steps to becoming more organized in my home. My scrapbook/art/office supplies are getting quite out of hand!

I decided to quickly make these pen/paintbrush holders with a few more cans I had saved away. Seriously it is taking me longer to blog this than it did to make them! :)

You will need some scrapbook paper, a couple of old cans (ones which held veggies or fruit), a hot glue gun and glue sticks and scissors.

Step 1: Pick the scrapbook paper of your choosing and cut the paper to size (height to fit the can).

Step 2: Heat up your glue gun, and start gluing the paper onto the can. I usually put the glue on in segments so it doesn't dry up before I can "roll" the paper onto the can. I do this to try to eliminate glue bubbles and lumps.

Once you are finished with that, your new pen/paintbrush/whatever holders are finished! You can keep decorating how you like, but in my case, this was good enough! Baby steps, but I'm going to get organized slowly but surely!


  1. Thx! Im totally going to use ur basket idea too! Ill link to ur blog when I do :-)


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