Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hair Clips - Super Easy and Fun!

I have two daughters, both with beautiful thick hair! This has required a lot of maintenance and creative hair dos! I am always trying to think of new ways to do their hair from braids to ponytails and everything in between. I used to spend probably hundreds of dollars on different types of hair clips, bows, accessories - you name it! However, about 3-4 years ago, I decided to make my own hair accessories and boy has it paid off! I believe I purchased the basic clips on Ebay for under $5.00 or something, and have been accumulating little odds and ends (ribbon, flowers, etc.) over the years from scrapbooking and other needs.

It's gloomy out today, and we're starting to get low on clips, so I decided to get crafty and up our inventory!

I had everything on hand so I did not spend any money (YAY for me)! However, you will need some basic accessories such as ribbon, hot glue, hair clips, etc. Making clips is super easy - basically you measure your ribbon, hot glue it to the top portion of the clip, and hot glue your accessories on in a manner where they will stay secured. If you google "how to make hair clips", you will find tons of helpful resources, u-tube videos, and blogs. I also learned how to make ribbons, and plan on researching how to make roses out of tulle at some point in the future!

 After making these 7 clips for my little darlins', I decided that I needed something to put them in. One grows weary of finding hair clips all over medicine cabinets throughout the house, LOL. Thankfully, I keep old cans (ones that held veggies) so that I can use them to pour bacon grease in, or make fun storage canisters! Perfect for this project! I pulled out a larger can which previously held canned tomatoes - just make sure you rinse them thoroughly and also leave no little spikes from the top of the can - those can hurt!

I found some scrapbook paper which worked fabulous for this project! See all the cute accessories on it? :) First I measured the size of the paper to the can and then hot glued it on. There was a little gap, but no problem! 

 I pulled some ribbon and made handles, carefully measuring and gluing two straps which covered the gap precisely!

  = $0.00

Happy crafting!

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  1. Such cute little hair clips!!! Somewhere to store them is a great idea... helps to stop them getting lost.


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