Friday, February 24, 2012

DIY Easy Shelf

First can I say "HOORAY"! We are back up and running! Thank God my laptop's battery replacement and AC adapter showed up early. I really am lost without a functioning computer! LOL :)

With that said, I've completed a few projects and have many more in the mix. Is it just me or do you get on a hot streak of being super productive, only to fall into a comfortable slouch? Well, I have to say that I got out of the slouch I was on and am so proud of this accomplishment because it is the first project that I've completed strictly from raw materials!

I was scouting about at Home Depot with some projects in mind, and I saw some little shelf "feet" .. I do not believe this is the formal name, but it is the best name that I can come up with. These were hanging out in the lumber section. They were only like $1.50 each, so I scooped up two of them and decided to try to make a shelf. There in the lumber section, I purchased a 1" x 6" x 6' piece of lumber which ran me about $3.50 I believe. I am incredibly sorry, somehow I lost this receipt. Much to my thankfulness, Home Depot has a saw right there and employees who will cut the wood to any dimensions of your choice so I took full advantage. I made sure to make one of the cuts 2' long for my shelf. 

Here is a picture of the goods in raw form:

From here, I realized that I needed to either paint or stain these bad boys, so I decided to go with a nice stain since this was real wood and the stain would soak in nicely. I spoke with a helpful HD employee who informed me that after I chose a stain, I would have to put a clear coat on. Well, a pint of stain was on average $8, and the clear coat was something like $14 - $16. Sorry, I had to be more budget saavy. I decided to purchase a stain + clear coat in one, and went with a half pint because it said it was enough to do a lengthy number of square feet. More than I needed at any rate, so I went with that one and it cost me $8.00. Please excuse the mess - I took a photo after I had used it a few times, LOL.

I also purchased some screws (with plastic things to insert in dry wall) which cost around $3.25, and I bought a small sand block ... I think it was less than $2.00 - medium grade. I sanded the wood pieces to get off any rough edges, and then I wiped the wood down with a wash cloth. I proceeded to stain the pieces - this took a few days. I did one side and some edges and let it dry for about half a day. Then I flipped it when it was dry to the touch, and did the other side and edges. This went on for a few days until I had put on two nice coats and allowed the stain to dry thoroughly. From here I used some gorilla glue ( I believe about $4.00 at HD), and applied it to the feet and glued it to the board following the instructions indicated. I let it dry for about 6 hours (instructions say 24), and then I proceeded in putting in a nail on the shelf top into each shelf foot just for added security. 

This is what my cute shelf now looked like! I love the stain color :)

The last step was to put the screws into my desired location (kitchen shelf facing sink) and securing the shelf in place. I was worried that I would mess up the holes and not do it evenly, but it worked out perfect on the first try! Whew ... I am GOOD! Haha, just playing. But let me tell you that honestly I am so excited about this project and it looks so adorable in my kitchen! What a sense of pride when you do something yourself from scratch! 

So here it is! Evenly placed with a few gadgets on it - very sturdy! 

This project was well worth it, and although I had to purchase many of the products used - it was necessary because I have more projects to do using all the same materials! I am inspired to go and create! :)



  1. Nice job girl!! I love the stain color! Welcome back, I've missed you!!

  2. Thanks! It's nice to be back :) Love your Shamrock designs!


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